We appreciate your support! 

SVFD accepts donations online through the Midlands Community Foundation.  Donations can be designated for the purchase of fire and rescue equipment, the Rio restoration, or training and supplies not otherwise covered in the budget.  Click below to donate online.


Donations can also be mailed to:


PO Box 306

Springfield, NE 68059

How your donations help SVFD

SVFD and the Rural Board strive to do more with less in order to be responsible stewards of the tax dollars provided for operating the department.  Running a fire department is expensive and sometimes there just is not enough in the budget to cover all the necessary expenses. 

Here are some examples of expenses incurred (these are estimates and prices vary and change regularly): 

Personal Protective Gear (helmet $150, nomex $55, air pack & mask $4500, pass device $265, boots $150, gloves $45, fire coat and pants $2000, suspenders $40  = $7205)


Communication Equipment (pager $600 each, portable radio $6500 each, truck radio system $9000 each = $16,100. For Springfield to upgrade all communications equipment it might look more like $18,0000 for 30 pagers, $65,000 for 10 portable radios, and $72,000 to upgrade truck radios) 


Fire and Rescue Apparatus  (*does not include price of equipment and supplies for each vehicle) -

New fire engine $400,000 - $700,00.00 /  New rescue squad $150,000 - $250,000

Recent Purchase
June 2017, SVFD was able to contribute $40,000 towards the purchase of a new rescue squad thanks to generous donations.