Chad Zimmerman - Chief

Jason Lutz - Assistant Chief

Seven Addleman - Captain

Bob Engberg - Captain

Chris Briggs - Captain

Cody Mahoney - Captain

James Engberg

Susie Engberg

John Harnish

James Haubensak

Mike Herzog

Ray Higgins

Corey Karschner

Andrea Mahoney

Terry Miller

Chris Noda

Mike Patera

Chris Pitschmann

Ryan Post

Mike Robb

Aaron Rock

Bob Roseland

Mark Seip

Chris Tolliver

Tim Trumble

Tommy Wenzl 

Mike Witt

Tate Patera

Bradyn Tolle


Howard Engberg

Keven Keyes

Keith Krzycki

Ricky Lee


Springfield Volunteer Fire and Rescue (SVFD) is an all volunteer fire and basic EMT department located in Springfield, Sarpy County, Nebraska. Our mission is to preserve life and property. Our district covers about 49 square miles and we work closely with neighboring district through mutual aid agreements. 

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Springfield Vol. Fire Department


Springfield Vol. Fire Auxiliary


Our fundraising events include an annual open house and barbecue at the fire station; 

held in the fall.

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